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New Heart Wellness

heart disease prevention program in denver, CO

You have heart disease or are worried that you are on your way to developing it.

You feel like you have tried everything to become healthier. There are times where you are motivated and try to make big change, but it doesn’t last for long. And you may feel like you are losing hope.

You are in the right place. You are complete and whole just as you are. It isn’t about changing you. It is about changing your approach in meeting your goals.

Heart Health Program in Denver, CO
Heart Disease Prevention

Heart Disease Prevention

Nutrition Strategies

Nutrition Strategies

Lasting Behavior Change

Lasting Behavior Change

Dr. Claire Donley, D.O. - Healthy Heart Program Denver

About Dr. Claire Donley, D.O. - Healthy Heart Program Denver

I lost my mother several years ago to heart disease. She was young. She was an incredible woman and one of my best friends. I miss her. It became my mission to create this program in Denver, CO, called New Heart Wellness for you, so that you can live a healthy fulfilled life, and be around for the people you care about.

This is a program where you are accepted for who you are. It is a safe place where we address how to make your behaviors last.

I am a doctor in Colorado that started New Heart Wellness to help treat the root causes of heart disease for people in the USA. New Heart goes a step further than teaching you what a healthy lifestyle looks like. It teaches you how to make lifestyle change, by designing the right behaviors into your life. Although I am not your doctor in this program, I am here to guide you, and to teach you how, so that you can successfully do these strategies on your own and make big changes over time.

My own education includes: Medical training, Clinical nutrition, Mind-Body medicine, and a Stanford-designed behavior change model developed over 20 years and tested on 40,000 people. It is the most effective behavior change system I have learned during my years as a physician. It works even if you have a busy schedule, are tired, or doubt your own motivation.


   Simple methods in how to make your goals last long-term

   Maintained weight losS

   An effective exercise plan

   Individualized nutrition

   Nutrition tips, recipes, a pantry makeover 

   How to increase your energy

   Emotional health improvement

   Stress reduction

   Creating a meaningful life

Discovery Call

15 minute call to learn more about the program.


1. Contact us for a free 15 minute discovery call to see if this is a right fit

2. We will then schedule an initial session to evaluate your goals and create               your custom plan

3. Custom plan includes 1-on-1 focus visits to keep you on track

FAQs About Our Heart Health Program in Denver, CO

Are you my doctor?

No. For your safety, you are required to have a primary healthcare professional and/or cardiologist who manages your health conditions before you start this program. You are also required to sign a contract providing this information.

Is this covered by insurance?

Insurance does not cover this program. We offer sliding-scale  and a scholarship fund to help people that need assistance. We need donors to make this happen. If you are interested in donating, please contact us!

Is there more information?

Check out our blog page on this website. An Instagram account is also in development. We will let you know when it is ready and you can follow us!

Who can join this program?

If you live in the USA and are interested, send us a message to schedule a discovery call.




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